Fire shows

We do fire theater. That's classical fire artistry combined with acting and partner acrobatics.

"Carnival of joy"

Thema: Jugglers - entertainer at a medieval fair

Musik: Epic medieval

"Music box"

Theme: A dancing couple on a music box come to live charming and romantic

Music: Electroswing

"Red Riding Hood
and little wolf"

Theme: an old fairy tale with another interpretation

Music: Classic Rock

"Pixie quarrel"

Theme: Elven ears, flower-decorated jelly bag caps, jingle bells and lots of jokes

Music: Fantasy

"Dancing Phoenixes"

Theme: powerful with a lot of fire special effects

Music: Classic

Further shows:

  • "Racing - Truely unstoppable" (rock music)
  • "Jungle fire - A journey through Africa" (African Drums)
  • "Skipper and Parrot" (pirate-like sound)

We can do neutral, too:

"Light my Fire"

Theme: neutral

Music: up to you

Show details:

Each performance has its own choreography, special costumes and music. If you have any requests for music please feel free to mention we want to provide an unforgettable evening for you.

We perform for small audiences, e.g. at big birthday parties or weddings but as well for many people at street festivals, medieval markets, company events etc. In either case we love to have close contact with our audience!


We have our own music equipment. Electric power supply on location is desirable but not mandatory. We might jam accompanied by live music as well.

The performing area should be a minimum of 6x6m and 4m high. The ground needs to be even (no sand, please). Normally we perform open-air. But, thanks to special equipment, we luckily have the ability to provide indoor fire shows as well.

Fire Safety

We are always very careful with fire. Nevertheless you do have to make sure that open fire is permitted at the venue. In case of incidents we do have an artists casualty insurance.

Do you have further questions or do you want to book us?
Feel free to contact us: